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About Seniors on Medicare

Seniors on Medicare was founded by Jim Grude in Marengo, Illinois in 1990. Throughout his career, his primary goal has been to act as an advocate and educator for his clients. Jim takes the complex aspects of Medicare and breaks them down into simple, real terms so that the people he works with can feel confident in making informed decisions about their healthcare. He continues to work tirelessly to stay on top of constantly changing Medicare regulations, supplement products, and more so you don't have to. In recent years, he's gone on Medicare himself and uses his lived experience to help provide peace of mind to his clients. 

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Small Business,

National Reach

We are a family business co-owned by Jim Grude and his son-in-law, Wyatt Floyd. Although we are small in size, we have the resources and reach of a national chain. We are licensed in over 35 states and work with over 30 different insurance companies so we are able to guarantee the best services and rates for your insurance needs. Because we are an owner-operated company, we aren't under any obligations to meet "sales quotas" and will never pressure you to buy anything from us. 



 When you contact us, the first thing we'll do is help you understand  Medicare and supplemental insurance.
Then, we will run quotes on all the companies in your area. Next, we'll help you select a company with a solid reputation (the lowest cost, isn't always the best!). Once you're ready, we'll enroll you with the company and plan of your choice. When you receive your policy we will contact you and
answer any remaining questions.



Our mission is always to put our clients' needs first. In our experience, many brokers will enroll a client in a Medicare plan and then never contact them again. Insurance providers will raise rates annually at varying amounts; when this happens, we'll contact you, review your coverage, and determine if it's time to move to another company with a lower premium. If you have a problem with a claim we will help you to resolve any issues (though issues with claims are very rare). 

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